About Us

REVOTECH is an innovative software development company with a primary focus on delivering world-class web, mobile and enterprise solutions. We work with customers worldwide from our delivery center in Minsk, Belarus. Our team of 50+ in-house developers, industry experts, project managers and business analysts goes beyond simple outsourcing services and is motivated to use technology to achieve business objectives, improve efficiency, optimize workflows and reduce operational costs. We encourage you to discover our service offering and see how you can benefit from working with REVOTECH.

What we do

REVOTECH is an expert in delivering software solutions for Enterprise, Web and Mobile platforms regardless of whether we are creating a solution form scratch of work with an existing system. Our comprehensive software development services include consulting, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance.

Our clients range from small startups to large enterprises but they have one thing in common – their philosophy to work with a trusted technology partner who can give expert advise on solving their business need and deliver reliable solutions.

Technical Skills







Engagement Models

Fixed Price Time and Material Milestone Billing Dedicated Team
We give you a fixed budget and delivery date before starting the project. REVOTECH covers any project assessment risks and you know exactly when you will get the final delivery and how much the project will cost. We recommend this model for projects under 6 months in duration where the requirements, deliverables and acceptance criteria are clearly specified from the very beginning. We recommend this engagement model for complex projects and projects where the requirements may be clarified or changed in the course of development. This is a more flexible approach when the customers are billed according to the work done. We usually invoice monthly based on the person-hours actually worked and agreed hourly rates. This is a variation of a time and materials engagement model, when the customers are billed according to the actual person-hours worked, however, the invoices are linked to specific milestones of the project (e.g. delivery of alpha or beta version, etc.). We at REVOTECH recommend it for long term-projects with measurable deliveries. DT allows you to assemble a team of professionals that will work as an extension of your in-house resources. You receive more control over the staffing process, team management, communication means and development tools used.

Why Revotech?

One Stop Shop

REVOTECH is a professional software development company able to deliver end-to-end solutions. Our diverse team is involved at all stages of the projects from the initial business analysis and expert consulting to quality control and after launch support.

Technology Competence

As a multi platform vendor, when approaching your project, we always look at several technologies to find the most suitable solution. Our developers and R&D groups follow latest industry trends, attend conferences and contribute to the open source community.

Customer Oriented Approach

Unlike large vendors we consider every single project individually and offer much more flexibility in terms of offering a custom tailored approach to team stuffing, engagement models, or delivery methodology, if required by a successful solution delivery.

Transparent Communication

We appoint a dedicated project manager to all our projects so that you have to communicate with only one person at any stage. Moreover, you always have access to various tracking and reporting tools for you to be aware of the progress on the project.

Get in Touch

Feel free to ask us anything. We will be glad to assist you if you have any questions, want to discuss a project, receive case studies or request more customer references.

Here are 3 simple steps to start working with REVOTECH


Contact us with a description of your project. It may be an overview of the problems you are trying to solve, a brief functional outline, an RFP document, or any other form you find convenient. We are ready to sign a Non-disclosure agreement at this stage.


We assign a dedicated contact point with REVOTECH and start working on requirements clarification, recommend a development approach and suggest a solution.


Receive a free quote for the entire solution or first foreseeable steps with estimated timeline, budget and deliverables.