Comprehensive telehealth Platform for a Medical Center Network


Our client, a medical center network, asked us to develop an integrated telehealth platform designed to streamline physicians’ documentation of their patient consultations.


The system we developed helps to not only reduce paperwork, but also enhace communication between physycians and patients. It allows physicians to set up a personal cabinet for each patient and easily access their personal files. Additionally, the app allowsphysicians to communicate with patients online if requested.

The system is integrated with the clinic’s website, email and SMS mailouts, POS-terminals for receipt-printing, 1C and VoIP, enabling it to:

  • Plan and keep track of sales goals
  • Maintain information on medical supplies
  • Track expiration dates for medications and other products
  • Automate communications with clients via a call-center
  • Automatically notify patients of scheduled appointments
  • Keep track of payments from patients

The platform also covers the following functionalities:

  • Imports files from Word and Excel
  • Keep track of service prices, personnel schedule, number and type of available rooms, and staff payroll
  • Maintain document version control
  • Establish individual payment schedules and calculate discounts


We developed a compehensive telehealth platform which utilizes a complex approach to clinic automation that both works with patients (CRM) and automates all medical care procedures. The system includes a reporting tool to analyze all aspects of a clinic’s procedures and export information into Word or PDF files. The system also has a dashboard which can pull up summary reports. Software can either be installed to a clinic’s server or run from cloud server.



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