In today’s digital world businesses need to keep up with technology. Taxi services are no different. To stay competitive, it is very important to be mobile.

Our client has offered fully automated dispatching by phone for taxi centers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy (South Tyrol) for nearly 20 years. To enhance its services and satisfy of their clients’ needs, TAXIKOMM has asked us to develop a mobile app which allows the client’s users to easily order a taxi via smartphone or tablet. TAXIKOMM outsourced to us because of our unmatched expertise in mobile development.


The app is easy-to-use and meets all users’ needs. To order a care, users simply set their current location manually, or the app determines their location automatically. The app can recognize many public places (e.g. Hotels, Restaurants, Railway-Stations, etc.)

Once taken, trips are displaced and the data can be reused for the next journey. TAXIKOMM-app has a pre-order feature so users can use the app to schedule their trip in advance. If there is more than one dispatch-central or taxi company servicing the start-address, a list of available vehicles is displayed from which users can select their desired company.

As soon as the order is dispatched, a countdown to the car’s estimated arrival time is displayed until the taxi arrives. In addition, users receive an alert upon taxi arrival. During busy periods when a car is not immediately available, users can also see in real-time how many car requests are waiting in the queue in front of them. As a result of these features, the convenience and transparency in the TAXIKOMM-app is unmatched by any other taxi app.

TAXIKOMM-App features:

  • Taxi ordering with just two clicks
  • Displays the total number of available vehicles
  • Allows users to select from a range of available taxi companies/dispatch centers
  • Address input via GPS, from map, stored journeys or free text input
  • Indicates the number of people and other relevant information on the taxi-order
  • Immediate or scheduled taxi requests
  • Provides information on the taxi availability in the selected dispatch center
  • Displays the expected duration until the taxi arrives
  • Notifies user when the taxi has arrived


We have developed a solution which fully meets all of our client’s requirements. As a result, TAXIKOMM enhanced the quality of its services and expanded its audience.

With the App, TAXIKOMM complements their long-standing proven dispatch system by adding a way to order a taxi via smartphone or tablet.

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