IT Consulting

As a company with strong experience in both solutions development and vertical domains, REVOTECH can act as you trusted technological partner and guide you in making smart IT-related decisions. We first focus on your businesses needs and determine the technology capabilities and relevant processes required to support them.

Trusted Web Development Partner

REVOTECH uses its business and software acumen to help companies address their decisions in:

  • Prioritizing their ultimate needs both in business and software perspectives
  • Evaluating their technical capabilities and getting an extension plan if needed
  • Developing a project road map, taking into account their priorities, deadlines, and budgets
  • Ensuring the solution’s adoption by multiple decision makers within a company

We work both with ISV’s and the direct customers. Our consultants can translate all project information from the language of business to the terms of technologies and back, thus making detailed IT-specifications for the future development projects, while keeping them totally clear and transparent to the stakeholders.

Business and Requirements Analysis

We apply our technical and domain expertise to analyze your current situation, your strengths and constraints, and find the best correlation between your business needs and software solutions. Our experts in e-commerce, healthcare, software publishing and other domains will createa detailed action plan, which ensures that you capture maximum value when implementing your new solutions.

Software Prototyping

REVOTECH’s expert team can help you identify your client’s requirements, develop wireframes and an initial Proof of Concept Prototype (POC), and collect and evaluate customer’s specific requirements that may not have been considered at the beginning of the project. Taking into account customer feedback, we revise and enhance software prototypes to make it fully compliant with client expectations.

Technology Consulting

We help you identify the optimal future state of your software solutions aligned with your business needs. Our technical experts offer you the most appropriate technologies, platforms, software architecture, and give recommendations on UI design and hosting to ensure your future solutions’ high performance, availability and robustness.

Budget & Timeline Estimation

We can also provide you a zero-obligation technology vision and project evaluation in the terms of deadlines and costs. As a multi-platform vendor, we always consider several alternatives to make sure that we offer you the most appropriate platform for your solution. Our technology and domain experience helps you avoid possible bottlenecks and start your project with the least time and budget spent. Please send us a brief project description, and we’ll give you expert feedback.

Development Process Setup

Based on our experience across dedicated team and product development outsourcing engagements, our Agile and Scrum consultants can help software companies tune their development and testing processes to the customers’ requirements, and also organize delivery and reporting processes. We can do the same for the customers who are working with multiple vendors and need to unite the diverse processes and teams in a single and structured project ecosystem.

Application Security Consulting

To address the growing concerns of software security issues, REVOTECH’s team can give you expert recommendations on your business software and infrastructure platform. We can provide security consulting at the initial application prototyping stage, as well as audit existing code and databases and suggest relevant security enhancements. We can also handle all PCI DSS pre-certification preparations on your behalf.

Trusted Partner for Startups

REVOTECH’s experts are eager to help IT startups drive their ideas to success. We analyze your project idea, provide expert consultancy on development costs, TCO and delivery plan, and give recommendations at all stages of your project. We can also develop a minimum viable product (MVP) that features your project idea, and be your technology partner when presenting to your investors.

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One expert advice can help you save hundreds of person-hours and thousands of dollars in development cost. Let us help you find the most straightforward and cost-effective way to achieve your goals. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and objectives.

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