Quality Assurance Services

REVOTECH combines its technical and domain competence with state-of-the-art testing technologies and frameworks to deliver truly comprehensive quality assurance services. We look beyond the functionality or quality of code itself and expand our focus to your software solution’s performance, reliability, ROI and the value it brings to your business.

Revotech Qyuality Managment

We at REVOTECH refer to quality as an integral part of all the activities throughout the software development lifecycle. Thus, we assign our QA experts at the earliest project stages, provide end-to-end quality assurance services, and review all software changes during the interim stages. This approach contributes to greater code quality, faster time-to-market, and overall cost effectiveness.

Full Lifrcycle testing

REVOTECH’s team of 15+ QA professionals delivers a full variety of white box, black box and grey box testing including:

  • Functional testing
  • Automated testing
  • UX/UI testing
  • Performance testing
  • Integration testing
  • Security testing
  • Localization testing
  • Requirements testing

On our larger projects we use a well-balanced combination of manual and automated testing to reduce development time and costs.

Strong Domain Focus

For every project we maintain a team of QA professionals with a particular domain focus — web solutions, mobile applications, and enterprise systems. This approach has proved to guarantee the highest software quality due to the aggregated domain expertise and understanding of the solution-specific issues.

Web Solutions

REVOTECH’s team has completed dozens of projects that involved testing of web applications, including e-commerce projects, portals, networking tools and corporate web-solutions. We make a strong focus on security and performance testing to ensure applications’ predictable behavior at the peak load level and their ultimate protection.

Mobile Solutions

Our mobile quality assurance strategy includes applications’ testing on multiple devices and platforms. We also address quality risks specific to native, hybrid, and HTML5, as well as analyze battery consumption and solution’s behavior under different conditions.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide integration and security testing to analyze the solution’s interoperability with the company’s infrastructure. Our experts forecast and evaluate the system’s performance, provide recommendations on possible enhancements when necessary and make sure that the solution is smoothly integrated with other corporate systems.

QA Consulting

Leveraging our proven QA expertise across e-commerce, healthcare, software publishing and other business domains we provide consulting services that help you:

  • Set up QA process, define testing strategy, select appropriate tools, set KPIs and seamlessly integrate QA into your development process.
  • Diagnose application bottlenecks, review the potential problems and offer possible solutions and accelerators to enhance software quality with reasonable investments and stable effect.

Dedicated Quality Assurance Team

We are open to highly custom cooperation models, and can provide both stand-alone and integrated testing services, as well as staff dedicated QA teams that can work in conjunction with your in-house project members.

Based on your requirements and testing strategy, we select English-speaking candidates with the relevant expertise and recommend these team members for your project. Upon your request, we can arrange an interview with our selected QA engineers before assigning them to your project.

We recommend a dedicated team engagement model to customers looking for quality assurance experts in industry, or technology-specific domains, or need a quick extension to their team.

Revotech Advantage

REVOTECH is committed to delivering excellent software solutions quality to our customers. We believe there are three key factors that make it possible:

Solution-based Approach to Software Development

In every development project we focus on business objectives that stand behind the software, solutions aligned with your company’s needs, and we take sole responsibility for its quality and performance.

Impartial Approach to Quality

Our QA teams work independently from developers and are always encouraged to pinpoint possible bottlenecks and provide valuable insights into all aspects of the solution’s quality.

Combination of Business Domain Knowledge and Technical Expertise

We use our 40+ completed projects experience and adjust established approaches to help you get tailored software solutions with predictable performance and ultimate quality.

Benefit from Revotech's QA Expertise

Please tell us about your current or future objectives, and we will be happy to contact you and continue a discussion of potential opportunities.

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