Website Development Service

With a seasoned team of 20+ web developers, we at REVOTECH provide end-to-end website design and development services whether it is a custom solution, CMS-based project or maintenance of a website developed by a third party. Moreover, we work with a range of programming languages delivering web solutions in .Net, PHP, and Java, allowing us to choose the most suitable technical approach using these mainstream technologies.

Comrehensive Website Development Services

Depending on your specific business needs, technical preferences, and the background of the project, we can recommend one of the following service delivery models.

CMS Customisation

Whenever possible, we at REVOTECH utilize existing CMS solutions that already have many common website functionality in place. This approach allows us to significantly reduce the development cost and time-to-market of your website solution by building it on top of an existing open source or proprietary Content Management System. We work with Drupal, Wordpress, Joompla, DotNetNuke, Magento, Umbraco, Orchard and other off-the-shelf CMSs, which gives us plenty of platforms to choose an approach that is best suited for your particular project.

Bespoke Website Development

Our experience with low-level .Net, PHP and Java frameworks enables us to develop enterprise-level custom website solutions integrated with other business critical applications. A fully custom solution not only allows you to develop a project that is designed specifically per your business requirements, but also gives you full exclusive ownership of the code and freedom from having to pay any license fees.

Dedicated Development Center

Many customers use REVOTECH team augmentation services when website projects require extended software development engagement. We pre-select suitable candidates depending upon their technical and domain expertise, provide you detailed resumes, and arrange remote interviews, if necessary. The team will be billed monthly for a fixed time fee and will work solely on your development tasks, which gives more control over the development resources and gives an even better level of transparency to your project managers.

Support and Maintenance

Whether it is a website developed by REVOTECH or a third party solution, our support engineers can be engaged for further extension, development and maintenance of the project. Several flexible support models allow you to specify a minimal required support hours per week, assign a team of dedicated support engineers to work on ad hoc tasks, or opt for a custom support model with up to 24/7 availability.

Website development for every business

Backed by our experience in website development, we are able to carry out projects of any complexity and swiftly deliver high-quality solutions

Ecommerce Websites

Our e-commerce portfolio ranges from simple online shops, to complex B2B marketplace and auction solutions. The REVOTECH expert e-commerce team is proficient with payment gateway integration, secure billing, and delivery and accounting systems, which allow for a great customer experience throughout the online sales cycle.

Content Management

With a strong focus on availability, usability and secure architecture, we deliver web-based enterprise content management (ECM) and document management solutions (DMS) that deliver easy content aggregation, storing, indexing, processing, sharing and publishing capabilities online.


With strong expertise in e-learning, media & entertainment and enterprise content management, REVOTECH brings online streaming and media content distribution to a new level. Our skillful team can help you develop websites with integrated streaming services such as video on demand (VoD), VoIP, Video conferencing and remote consulting.

Online Listings

Our 5+ years’ experience with various online listings allows us to deliver dating, real estate, career, classifieds and other websites of that kind with a focus on easy information publishing, indexing and search, user permission management, performance, scalability and optimization for mobile devices.

Social Networking Websites

We combine existing open source community frameworks with custom functionality, and personalized design and third party modules, to create engaging and easy to use social networking software. Our team pays attention to both front-end and back-end to keep users happy, while giving administrators access to website management and monitoring tools.


We at REVOTECH develop e-learning solutions for businesses, educational institutions, content publishers and e-learning providers. Our engineers design comprehensive web-based solutions that can integrate with your current infrastructure, and among other features, provide online knowledge and content sharing, testing, collaboration, video conferencing, schedule and curriculum management.

Enterprise Web Portals

REVOTECH is capable of creating all-in-one software environments that simplify access to information and collaboration between your customers, employees and vendors. We deliver B2B and B2C web portal solutions that provide you with team and project workspaces, give easy access to BI, and allow for collaboration, workflow, task and document management. Moreover, our intranet and extranet solutions are built with an open architecture, which enables easy integration with other corporate systems.

A-Z Approach to Website development

REVOTECH experts apply a crosscutting approach to building custom web applications and solutions. To deliver a quality final product we focus on three key aspects of every project:



From the very beginning of the project, the REVOTECH UI/UX team works on creating a aesthetic and responsive design that meets usability standards and enriches the customer experience. We commonly use Flash/Flex, Silverlight, HTML5 and Ajax to deliver advanced front-end solutions incorporating multimedia streaming, 3D computer graphics, and cross-browser compatibility.



Regardless of the technical approach, we put scalable architecture behind our website projects to allow for optimal performance, easy future enhancements, support and maintenance.

Our team can also develop advanced website back-ends, that among other features, provide content management functionality, user rights and permission management, BI and Reporting, as well as integration with other software through an API or at a database level.


Quality Assurance

Software testing at REVOTECH is done throughout the project by an independent QA team. For every delivery we use effective testing methodologies to control the quality at every stage. Depending on the specific project requirements, we implement a well-organized process to do a combination functional, performance, usability and security testing.

Start your Web Project with Revotech

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